2014 June

Tumblr Suprise!

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So I was adding some social media links to the site when I realized I didn’t know my Tumblr URL. I went to the Tumblr dashboard and almost choked on a Hot Tamale when I saw this:


You may be saying, “big deal, Static!”, and I get where you’re coming from. Except, this IS a big deal. What are the odds of going to a social media site where there are 191.7 million blogs, 83.1 billion posts, and seeing your own design in the background? This is synchronicity at work here, my friends! The work created was just me tooling around with a portrait of Justin Timberlake. The idea was to make the paint drip, but the original portrait was very vulnerable in my eyes. So I gave him an ass whoopin on behalf of all the women crying rivers.

Wanna know how I did this design?

Go forth and be One with the universe! Tutorial by Tuts+